Question of the Week: Pure Pwnage

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Say goodbye to those Monday blues because it’s time to play “Question of the Week” once again!

This weeks question involves “pwnage” of the highest caliber and to balance things out for our PS3 readers a little, we have a copy of TNA iMPACT! up for grabs so that they can unleash a bit of pwnage themselves. Thanks to those kind people over at SK Gaming.

This week I am giving all our readers the opportunity to blow their own horns like never before. Although we spend a good amount of our time sucking at certain videogames, we have all had that moment that made us feel invincible. The kind of story that you would tell around a campfire if any of us actually ever went outside.

This Weeks Question is: What was your greatest moment of gaming pwnage?

I am talking about that moment when you did something so heroic, so spectacular or something that was just so damn skilled that it embedded itself in your head as the defining moment in your history of gaming pwnage. Stories like this usually stem from multiplayer gaming, but if you have something from a single player experience then share it as well.

I will never forget one of the matches that we played in the AGASA Gears of War tournament last year, where one of our teammates, known to Xbox Live as “Joburger”, tossed a grenade into the middle of the map a mere 10 odd seconds into the fourth round of a first-to-five match-up and landed up taking out the entire opposing team (as well as two of our own…) in a magnificent explosion of meat and chunky bits, winning the game.

The round was over so quickly that no one was entirely sure what had just happened, except for him. I didn’t need to see him to know that he was smiling from ear to ear as I could practically feel his grin straight through my headset and for months after that his Xbox Live motto was “KABOOM”. His greatest moment of gaming pwnage indeed.

So tell us, what happened when you had your moment? What were you playing and how did it all play out?

The winner’s of last week’s QOTW are announced after the jump.

The winner of last week’s QOTW was undoubtedly: NBT and his family of football hooligans.

Congratulations on winning the prize (which we were lucky to get at the last minute) of a copy of DMC4 for the Xbox 360. Please e-mail your details to [email protected] this week as I will be away when this article goes live.

[please note that we can only accept entries from our readers that live in the SADC]

Last Updated: September 22, 2008

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