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Race Pro: Gameplay Footage

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If like me you are a fan of simulation driving games like Gran Turismo and Forza 2 or you are just looking for a new racing sim to toy around with then there is a good change that you will be quite interested to see what Race Pro has to offer.

Focussing more on racing cars and a pure simulation feel, Race Pro looks set to give these other big names quite a run for their money. Being an Xbox 360 title means that the game will more likely be knocking heads with the Forza series.Now, while this game definitely looks superior in the visuals department, especially with those lovely cockpit views, the real question is whether or not it will be able to keep up with the marvelous and ultra realistic physics engine that powers Forza 2.

The gameplay is looking pretty solid from the video so we can only wait for some hands on impressions to see whether or not this game is going to be a real contender.

Last Updated: August 25, 2008

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  1. Well, if Simbin’s previous games are anything to go by, the physics will be much more realistic that forza, which feels a bit arcady compared to the likes of GTR 2 😉


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