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Racism in Forza…. Sad lives people lead.

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Living in South Africa makes racism something that is impossible to get away from. It is undeniably one of the most disturbing aspects of human culture and one that can easily destory entire communities.

Luckily in SA so far we seem to have very few outright racists in the online community and on the few rare occasions where it rears it’s ugly head the community will generally stand together to wipe it out.

Maybe we should start teaching the rest of the world how to handle this. The image above is from the Forza Auction site where an obviously racist car is up for sale. This is against the terms and conditions and Turn 10 are doing their best to stop it…

I personally think they should just outright ban the racists from Live. They know who put the car up for auction blatantly against the listed terms and conditions so ban them… Or give them a warning and then ban them.

Link to Microsoft yet to get on top of Forza 2 racism // Xbox 360 News // Xbox 360 Gamer Magazine Online

Last Updated: July 3, 2007

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