Rage also requires a mandatory install on the PS3

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Yesterday I posted up about the mandatory 3Gb install that Deus Ex will be forcing on PS3 gamers and was taken by surprise by the amount of comments defending the install practice.

I’m glad to see you don’t mind it at all and that you like channel hopping and relaxing while the game installs and that you’ve also taken steps to increase your HDD size so that it’s not a problem.

However for those poor sods who may still have a 20Gb PS3 lying around this may be a good time to look away.

id Software has confirmed that their upcoming title Rage will require a mammoth 8Gb mandatory install on the PS3, which is better than the previously rumoured 22Gb but it’s still a huge install and you may want to start this install before leaving for the office in the morning instead of just making yourself a sandwich while it installs.

Source: PSFocus

Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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