Rainbow 6 : Black Edition

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Well this came out of nowhere, it has not been long since the Red Pack was available through Live and now today Major Nelson is posting about the Black Pack…

It includes 5 new maps

Red Lotus, Wartown, Streets (redone) and Presidio (From Raindow 3).. Yes I realise that makes 4 but counting is obviously not Major Nelson’s strongpoint ūüôā

It weighs in at a hefty 705.5MB (approx) and so far I have found no information on timing (Update: today) or cost (Update: 800 points)…

For a game that was voted Multiplayer Game of the Year (TeamXbox) would this pack entice you to dust it off again?

Update — 800 points for 5 maps seems a bit to steep for my liking…

Link to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Player’s Pack Black Edition In Game – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson

Last Updated: June 26, 2007

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