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Red Dead Redemption 2… yes please

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Grand Theft Auto is easily the biggest sandbox game on the planet and is going to be the biggest release of 2012 when GTAV does release. Which hasn’t been announced by the way but we all know it’s coming this year.

But in all truth I am far more excited about a possible Red Dead Redemption sequel as the original RDR was by far the best sandbox game ever created… ever.. unless you’re counting the garden of Eden and all that.. but in gaming. This is easily the best sandbox game every made.

So what’s gotten me all excited about a possible Red Dead Redemption sequel?

Well Rockstar San Diego has now posted up 6 job openings and while they obviously haven’t announced what title you will be working on they do specify that you need console development experience and most pointedly

Prospective candidates need to the ready for the challenges posed by large scale open worlds with complex AI and physics

So that’s it either Rockstar are making yet another open world game in the same studio that made Red Dead Redemption or they are making a sequel. That’s my take on it and I’m not changing my mind.

I need me some more John Marston… that doesn’t sound good.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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