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Red Dead Redemption is sub standard… on the PS3…

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Now that’s a headline that you could call inflammatory, but unfortunately it’s backed up with some physical proof.

While RDR is perfectly rendered HD title on the Xbox 360 running at 720p with 2x Anti Aliasing the PS3 version just isn’t quite up to scratch.

Rockstar has yet to confirm the technical details but investigations from two pixel counting groups have come back and nailed the PS3 down at a resolution of 644p… which is by all standards sub-HD.

While it’s disappointing to still see these sorts of discrepancies between the two consoles I have to say if you actually care about the fact that your PS3 is missing 76 pixels compared to the 360 version then you should seriously re-look at why you game.

Red Dead Redemption has been receiving rave reviews all over the planet and if you are interested in an open world, western sandbox experience then this is something you cannot miss.

Hell even if you’re not you should pick it up and use the title as a hunting game, or poker game, or horse riding simulator. And seriously who doesn’t want to rope a bad guy, tie him behind your horse and ride off into the sunset?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: May 19, 2010

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