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Reminder: Duke Comp, Duke Launch and Pics of Playboy Bunnies!

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If you haven’t already entered our Duke Nukem competition then Mr. Nukem himself will be very, very disappointed. Mostly because you are being a noob!

Entry is free, the prize is ridiculously awesome and all you have to do is go here and follow the instructions. That’s not all that’s happening from the King this week. If you somehow missed the news earlier this week, Megarom is hosting a sweet Duke Nukem Launch party at Hooters in Johannesburg this Friday, and you’re all invited!

Best part yet? There’s gonna be Playboy Bunnies and they’re going to be doing more than just looking pretty. Although I do just happen to have a bunch of photos of them after the jump…

Not only will the Duke himself apparently be making an appearance but the Playboy Bunnies will be making themselves available to you for photo opportunities, magazine signing and more.

Here’s what the Megarom Facebook Event Page has to say:

Duke Nukem Forever, is finally here! To celebrate we’re inviting everyone to come and party with us on the 10th of June at Hooters in JHB at the Buzz center. There will be lot’s to do with on the spot competitions, a Photobooth, Beer, Babes and Duke Nukem Himself! There will also be a special appearance from the Playboy Bunnies. Definitely an event NOT to be missed! Make a night of it and bring your friends, the game will also be there for you to play.

We got sent a few pics, check em out. [Mostly, Kinda, Sorta SFW]. Click on them for bigger versions.

7.jpg 6.jpg  Playboy 2.jpg 3.jpg

I’ve got a quite a couple more, but you don’t get to see them. If you want to see more, head on over to the event and see with your own eyes. It’s not exactly going to be tough work.

Last Updated: June 8, 2011

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