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Reminder: Go support some local eSports this weekend

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Remember how I told you about the ESWC tournament at Fourways Mall? The one where the winner could get a chance to win a trip to Paris to compete for $20k? Well, the finals are upon us!

Come on down to Fourways Mall on Sunday morning to check out some local eSports action. The finals will start at 10am, and I will be there to support the process and South African eSports glory. It’s not quite the World Cup, but it’s the eSports equivalent. And also, Fourways Mall is really close to me.

It’s always nice to support the local events – people always complain that we don’t have enough of them, but if you don’t support the small ones, we’ll never get bigger ones. So, come out to Fourways Mall, support some eSports, and then grab some Sunday lunch. Sounds like a plan to me, anyway. If you do pull through, be sure to say hi.

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Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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