Reminder: KWESE Sports R100k ACE FIFA tournament takes place at rAge

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rAge is slowly making the transition from South Africa’s largest gaming expo to an eSports arena as more and more tournaments get added each year. So far we’re aware of the Call of Duty MAG Cup, the Digital Gaming Masters, and now the inaugural KWESE Sports FIFA tournament, which pits South Africa’s top FIFA players against each other, playing out for R100 000.


KWESE’s decision to bring light to FIFA is much needed as it remains one of the most played games in South Africa on a casual-competitive basis. That is a bold statement, but think about the number of people who own consoles and play FIFA? That’s a pretty large number. If you need further clarification, stop a random person in the street and ask them if they’ve heard of Dota 2 or Counter-Strike? When they look puzzled, ask them about FIFA, and 9/10 they will have heard of it, or played it, at least once.

Gaming case studies aside, the KWESE Sports FIFA tournament will kick off this Friday at rAge, with the finals being played on Sunday the 9th. The prize pool breakdown is interesting, and one I think a lot of tournaments in South Africa can take notes from as it offers opportunities for all players to win big, not only the top four teams.

Qualifier Prize pool

  • 1st Place: R10 000,00
  • 2nd Place: R5 000,00
  • 3rd Place: R3 000,00
  • 4th Place: R2 000,00

Cape Town Qualifier Prize pool

  • 1st Place: R10 000,00
  • 2nd Place: R5 000,00
  • 3rd Place: R3 000,00
  • 4th Place: R2 000,00


  • 1st Place: R25 000,00
  • 2nd Place: R15 000,00
  • 3rd Place: R7 000,00
  • 4th Place: R3 000,00
  • Finalists Bonus Round: R10000

rAge will act the initial qualifier, with the Cape Town regionals taking place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of October. The Final leg of the tournament will take place in November, with no date announced just yet. Don’t delay – registrations close this evening, so sign up and you could win some big money for playing the (digital) beautiful game.

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Last Updated: October 4, 2016

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