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Reminder: Sony’s Entertainment Network is out of action on Thursday

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Thursday’s my birthday (it should be tomorrow, but…stupid leap year). I’ll be doing stuff that evening – but I certainly won’t be playing anything on the PSN SEN…and neither will you.

Sony’s Entertainment Network will be down for scheduled maintenance – and this time even those who’ve logged in before it goes down will be booted from the service.

The whole network will be down  from 8:00AM PST/4:00PM GMT/6:00PM SAST and is expected to remain so until at least 10:00PM PST/ 6:00AM Friday GMT/8:00AM Friday SAST. This makes it the third such outage this year alone – but this is by far the longest scheduled maintenance – and the first I can recall in ages where previously logged in users won’t be able to play online.  If you have any scheduled tournament or online games, make sure you’re done before the network goes out, mkay?

“During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online,” says the PS Blog.“PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users…” it continues. “Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.”

There’s not a single word on why the maintenance has been scheduled – but I’m hoping it’s to enable more PS3/Vita interaction – like actually enabling Remote Play for all games. I’ve run through my entire library of PSN games – and it’s really only PS1 and Pixeljunk games that seem to work.

So…what are you doing on Thursday evening?

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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