Report – Dark Souls 3 out in 2016, might skip PC

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Dark Souls 3 confirmed?

Earlier last week some very vague, very weak rumours suggested that Dark Souls 3 would be revealed at E3 next week – with series veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki again claiming the director’s chair. The rumour itself had so little to stand on that most of us didn’t take it seriously. That’s up until even more, compelling evidence surfaced over the weekend – and it makes a strong case.

Broken by YouTube gaming New channel The Know (and picked up by Rock, Paper, Shotgun), it really does seem like Dark Souls will have a sequel revealed at the world’s biggest gaming convention next week. Citing some leaked documentation from an anonymous source (which seems to be some PR material), The Know shared concept art, gameplay details and release platforms for the suspected RPG sequel.

Dark Souls III will supposedly feature 10 classes, 15 new bosses and 12 regions to explore when it reaches shelves. Interestingly, the fact sheet also cited that the game would support four players – aligning more with Bloodborne than past Dark Souls titles.

The game might also feature a brand new take on World Tendencies – which was an obscure but otherwise innovative feature in the PS3-exclusive Demon Souls. Dark Souls 3 bosses will apparently changed based on a “Heat Up” factor, which is affected by another new sacrifice mechanic that is used to invade other player’s worlds.

The most surprisingly titbit from the entire leak regards the game’s release on PC. Both previous titles made their way to PC eventually, but the leak suggests that a port for the third is still up for negotiation. That could mean that specific distribution platforms haven’t been nailed down yet, because it would be rather curious for the series to now cut out an entire platform for no apparent reason.

Just for the record, the people behind The Know are the same who first suggested that Microsoft was saving Silent Hills – a wild rumour we know to be false. So regardless of the fact that some of the screenshots looking incredibly real, take it all with a massive dose of salt for now. It’s harder to call than Silent Hills was (even they seem to agree), but it’s nowhere near enough to get excited about yet.

Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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