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Resident Evil 3 – Safe code and locker combination guide

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Resi 3 safes (2)

The undead are knocking on your door, you’ve only got so much ammo to spare and chances are that a certain hulking behemoth dressed like in black bags will soon be appearing to make a bad day even worse. The odds may be stacked against you in Resident Evil 3, but fret not! Provided that you have some good hearing and a suprisingly delicate sense of touch, cracking a safe and grabbing a few useful items for your Raccoon City evacuation is pretty easy!

Or you can just take a shortcut, read below and get the codes you need to not go scavenging in hostile territory for the opening sequences to the handful of lockboxes scattered throughout the game. Here’s a breakdown on where you can find safes in Resident Evil 3, how to unlock them and what’s inside.

Downtown – Pharmacy Owner’s safe

Resi 3 safes (3)

You can find the combination code jotted down inside the pharmacy, right on the Aqua Cura poster.

  • Combination: Left 9, Right 1, Left 8
  • Contents: Dot sight for handgun.

Police station – West Office safe on the first floor

Resi 3 safes (4)

You can find this safe at the bottom of the stairwell, when you’re playing as Carlos. The code for it can be found in the darkroom, on the internal memo.

  • Combination: left, 15 right, 7 left.
  • Contents: Hip pack that provides a +2 boost to your inventory.

Police station – Second floor locker room safe code

Resi 3 safes (5)

Check the first floor after you’ve passed the Operations Room, and you’ll find the unlock code for this safe.

  • Code: CAP
  • Contents: Flash grenade

Police station – Third floor locker safe code

Resi 3 safes (6)

On the third floor hallway in the police station, check the safety deposit room to find this code.

  • Code: DCM
  • Contents: Assault rifle ammo

Hospital – Nurse’s station safe

Resi 3 safes (1)

You can find this safe’s combination in the Operation Room, but you’ll need to be playing as Carlos and have the Hospital ID Card in your possession.

  • Combination: 9 right, 3 left
  • Contents: Assault rifle dual magazine

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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