Resident Evil 5 Racist?

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Oh look some black empowerment website has a problem with a video game… Because it’s racist. What a suprise…

This is problematic on so many levels, including the depiction of Black people as inhuman savages, the killing of Black people by a white man in military clothing, and the fact that this video game is marketed to children and young adults. Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.

Strange that we heard nothing from you when the zombies where white, or when Cole is an equal member of Alpha squad in Gears. No that’s all fine but dare somebody portray black people badly in a video game and you go nuts.

Try to wrap your head around the fact that this is not a white vs black game. This is a game about people being turned into zombies and needing to be killed. Racism is a despicable thing and should not be trivialised like this. Grow up.

Source: Black Looks

Last Updated: August 2, 2007

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