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Resident Evil 6 gets patched

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I’m busy playing through Resident Evil 6 right now, and let me tell ya; I’m not digging it. I’ve got a number of issues with the game so far, but they can wait until the review next week. What I will mention though, is that damn horrendous camera, which has me playing the game from the viewpoint of Chris Redfield’s rectum. This has long been an issue with more modern day versions of Resident Evil, and finally, Capcom is going to fix  it. Just not right now.

Capcom Unity has announced that they’ll be patching the game to include a wider field of vision, and will also automatically unlock the campaign for Ada Wong. In addition to that, new difficulty and subtitle options will also make their presence felt.

Take it way, Capcom:

    • No Hope difficulty – Done with Professional? Try this on for size.
    • Camera adjustment – If you felt the camera was pulled in too tight, you will soon be able to zoom out a bit and see more of the surrounding area. The top screen is the standard camera, while the bottom shows the new, wider camera at its maximum distance.
    • Subtitle options will allow players to mix English audio with subtitles in another language.


Sounds like something that gamers would really appreciate being released soon. Did I say soon? I meant December. In the meantime, I’ll continue my journey, shooting zombies from an anal viewpoint.

Last Updated: October 25, 2012

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