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Resident Evil 6 Review Round Up

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The latest instalment in the Resident Evil franchise is out right now, and after the zombified mess that was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the fans are obviously eager for something new and improved in the latest undead chapter. Reviews are out for the game, and so far, the scores are more conflicted than Geoff’s sleeping patterns.

Here’s a look at the numbers game that Resident Evil 6 is currently playing.

Eurogamer: 6/10 “Resident Evil 6 is an unwieldy tribute to the series’ past, an uneven expression of its present and an unwelcome indication of its future.”

Destructoid: 3/10 – “If any consistently good thing can be said of Resident Evil 6, it’s that it has made Paul W.S. Anderson’s film adaptations look like fine works of art in comparison.”

Polygon: 4/10 – “Resident Evil 6 leaves players with the shell of a blockbuster game. It blusters along with massive explosions and insane plot twists, but it lacks a fundamental understanding of why action games are fun.”

CVG: 8/10 – “Can’t be faulted for content, and better with a friend, but feels like diminishing returns – what’s left is a good shooter that’s long abandoned survival horror.”

Gametrailers: 8.8

Joystiq: 2.5/5 – “If every idea had come together without friction, and with the aid of Capcom’s top-notch presentation, Resident Evil 6 would have been a tremendous action game. Instead, it’s a fully-featured, sloppy, frequently frustrating attempt to do well by everyone.”

Gamespot: 4.5

Digital Spy: 4/5 – “While Chris’s campaign might well prove that two’s company and three’s a crowd, the excellent plot, cast of characters and additional content should ensure that Resident Evil 6 is revisited more times than Tall Oaks’ pharmacy.”

OPM: 7/10 – “The frustrating thing is that with a bit of judicious trimming, this could have been a smaller, tighter and significantly better game.”

GameInformer: 8.75/10 – “The game’s minor flaws don’t hold back the decadent experience from being an unhinged, flaming rollercoaster ride.”

IGN: 7.9/10 – “When this game is at its height, it sets new standards for the series in every way. Unfortunately, there are no shortage of lows either, taking what could have been an excellent experience and making it something considerably lesser.”

OXM: 8/10 – “Still, Resident Evil 6 is an accomplished shooter on the whole, and a fittingly thunderous send-off for current gen Resident Evil.”

Bloody Disgusting: 9/10 – “It has its flaws, but this is a damn fine horror game that will keep you entertained and afraid for a very long time.”

So far, it appears that Capcom is trying just too damn hard to please every single demographic that they possibly can, resulting in something as soulless as one of the many zombified denizens of their little universe. The current Metacritic scores for Xbox 360 and PS3 are 68 and 77 respectively, and it looks the franchise is drifting further and further away from its roots while remaining archaic in the gameplay section.

We’ll still need to see for ourselves just how the game handles, but keep your peepers peeled for a review soon.

Last Updated: October 2, 2012

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