Resistance 2 Going After Religion

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Manchester CathedralNow this is going to be interesting.

After the furore that Resistance: Fall of Man caused by fighting in Manchester Cathedral you would be forgiven to think that they would avoid any possible religious icons in the next iteration of the game.

However you would be completely wrong.

When CEO of Insomniac games, Ted Price, was asked whether they were going to avoid religion in the sequel he suprisingly answered with

We’ve actually made it a big focus to include more churches and now synagogues and mosques in Resistance 2.

Is this a smart move? Well not for their legal team but it sure will get them the publicity they want. I say good on them and hopefully the people who run the religious buildings in question will not be ridiculous about this but don’t count on it.

[Updated] Banana Hammock has pointed out that the original article states that Ted was jokingly when he stated that. My bad… I only check Kotaku’s site

PS3: Resistance 2 Going After Religion

Last Updated: February 13, 2008

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