Resistance 2 will be released this year with 8 player co-op

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Resistance 2

That’s the rumours doing the rounds this morning. Resistance 2 will be set in the US and will feature “partially randomised geometry”. Which means the stages will change every time they load. Which if they pull it off will mean a huge change to most people’s gameplay styles and is something that is long overdue.

The other great thing about Resistance 2 is its 8 player online co-op mode, I was impressed with Halo’s 4 but Resistance is planning on everything being bigger and better.

They are also offering a whopping 60 player multi-player mode (which I am very worried about due to our bandwidth) and they have also boosted the AI to Key Stage 2… like any of us actually knows what that means.?

Resistance 2 should land later this year and is really shaping up to be a serious system seller.

More Resistance 2 details emerge News // PS3 /// Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 16, 2008

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