Resistance 3 getting all the bells and whistles with 3D and Move

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I know what you are thinking… you are thinking that Resistance 3 may be an awesome game, but that you know deep down that it would be a way better experience if you were able to put on silly expensive plastic glasses and then jump all over your living room like a Spartan from Halo multiplayer.

Well guess what?

Insomniac announced that Resistance 3 will be shipping with all of the goodies that modern suckers gamers expect from their Triple A titles. Ok, ok I’m just trolling because we all know that Move and 3D can be awesome if implemented properly.

Either way, just like Killzone 3 you will have the ability to kit yourself out with not only 3D glasses and a Move controller, but the Sharp Shooter attachment as well… fancy!

Resistance 3 releases on September 6th, so get cracking on those accessories if you want the full experience.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: March 30, 2011

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