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Resistance 3 to be announced on Friday

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Jan Meijroos is a crew member of the biggest Dutch gaming show, GameKings. You have just learned this invaluable information because he has just become famous for tweeting that Sony will officially announce Resistance 3 on Friday and that it will land later this year.

Well that is what I am told he said, the Google translation of the original site leaves a lot to be desired.

“A Game of Kings, Jan Roos, through his twitter Meij said that probably this Friday Resistance 3 is announced.

Resistance development was that in 3, while it had been a rumor since there appeared a billboard which was Resistance 3.

Furthermore, the Resistance series one of the better-selling series on the PlayStation 3. No wonder that a sequel. And this Friday would therefore need for clarity about this game by January!”

My brain hurts reading that, for the Dutch speaking member of the audience here is his original Tweet

“zeer waarsch Resistance 3 deze vrijdag aangekondigd # PlayStation 3 exclusives”

Source: PS3Hype


According to Insomniac Games,  the dutch fellow is off the mark.  Insomniac’s James Stevenson, when asked if he knew what games was going to be announced replied “Yes – but it is not a game from Insomniac.”

Time to put on your speculation hats, ladies and gentlemen. Which Sony franchise would YOU like to see get a sequel?

Last Updated: March 4, 2010

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