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Resistance 3 Trailered – Includes Gameplay

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You’ll have to suffer through a short bit of live acti0on, but after that it’ll seamlessly blend in to some actual gameplay – and it looks great. Of the exclusive PS3 FPS’ due next year, this is probably the one I’m more excited for. Though I enjoyed Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2, I just find that Insomniac manages to inject a little more magic in their games.

Resistance 3 looks like it’ll be a return to the style of the first game; including the weapon wheel and proper campaign based co-op – something I’m exceptionally happy about. Trailer after the jump!

According to Insomniac’s Community Manager James Stevenson, the game is playable right now from start to finish, giving the team another 9 months to polish it to a sheen.

“I think… and we have to be careful about discussing exactly where we are in dev… but we totally have a lot of content done (2 years of dev so far) w/ a lot of polishing to go.” “The game is playable start to finish on disc, which is pretty insane for an Insomniac game w/ this much time left,” he said.

I have very, very high expectations.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2010

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