Resogun DLC to arrive in June

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By now, the PlayStation 4 has started to build up a decent library of games. It’s not massive, not yet anyway, but it’s growing. And between pirate assassins, modern warfare and sci-fi shadow ops, the best game on that system is a space shooter that operates on a cylindrical level. I’m talking about Resogun of course! And it’s getting some extra content soon.

Housemarque announced back in January that they’d be throwing some extra content into their well-received shooter. Fast forward five months along our continuum, and I may have played the rubber off of my analogue sticks waiting for that promise DLC to show up.

But it’s on. Developer Housemarque has confirmed that whatever that actual DLC is, it’ll be arriving in June. NeoGAF captured the tweet from the Housemarque team, which for the life of me I cannot find on their stream right now:


Which was followed by this teaser image. Or should I say dese ballz yo:

Resogun DLC

I’m dying for some more Resogun right now. I’ve played the levels, and though I’ve yet to master them on the higher difficulties, I keep coming back to the game in the same manner that my fat face gravitates towards a Kit-Kat chocolate.

It’s a game with a simple formula, but an old-school attitude where it throws everything at a player in a glorious colourful cavalcade of shapes and death as you fire off enough lasers to power a dubstep song. I really, really do dig the game. And if you missed out on getting it when the PlayStation 4 PS Plus offer was in effect, then you’ve done yourself a disservice.

Last Updated: May 27, 2014

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