Rest of EA Humble Bundle leaked, and it’s disappointing

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Humble Bundles are the nightmare fuel of backlogs. They’re deviously cheap, offer a massive bundle of games and usually justify the admission fee. The latest bundle for this month comes courtesy of EA, and it’s a healthy collection of some of their best games in recent years. There’s also still a few to be added in the coming weeks – but they’re far less exiting.

EA Korea has the misfortune of being named slip of the week, after they accidentally posted an image showing the entire EA Bundle that will eventually be available in the next few weeks. The image shows the last four games that are set to join Dead Space, Plants Vs. Zombies and more, and they’re nowhere near as interesting. If you pay over the average price, you’ll have these waiting in your library very soon too.

  • Sim City 2000
  • Wing Commander III
  • Wing Commander IV
  • Ultima VII

Those are four really old games, so unless you’re a digital curator and have yet to pick them up, I don’t see the draw. Still, the EA Bundle has some other excellent offerings, but none better than Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Seriously, Geoff can’t shut up about how great the quirky online shooter is, and it’s the cheapest you’re going to find it at for a long time.

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You’ll just have to put up with Origin, but it’s been behaving semi-normally lately. Have you spoiled yourself to some EA goodness already, or have these final four games put you off completely. Remember, sharing is caring when it comes to duplicates.

Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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