Riddick Winner Announced – Please stop the Tsunami now

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And we have finally chosen a winner for the Chronicles of Riddick competition, congratulations goes to Nerlio who single handedly swamped my mailbox with an incredible 280 entries.

He (she?) started off with a simple trickle of one or two entries that suddenly turned into a Tsunami of cheese which I have to admit I never want to be subjected to again, mind you the fact that I also recieved images containing cheesy one liners from games characters really goes to show how much effort was pu into this comp by Nelio… Though I still need an automated system for the next comp.

Thank you to everyone else for making this the most popular competition that Lazygamer has ever run and hopefully we will surpass this one soon enough.

Nelio could you please drop me a SINGLE email with your contact details so I can get your prize shipped of as soon as possible.

Last Updated: May 12, 2009

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