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Riot wants to test a 15-minute surrender in League of Legends

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Have you ever joined a match of League of Legends only to be placed alongside a number of incompetent players who either argue over who’s going to solo mid or play ADC (Attack Damage Carry)? Did these players continue to complain after not getting their desired roles and in turn ruined the game for you? I know I’ve been in this exact position a number of times and it’s one of the main reasons why I’ve never enjoyed League of Legends and the solo queue.


It’s no secret that League has one of the least welcoming communities, but Riot are trying to fix that with a new plan to bring in 15-minute surrenders. This option is out of date and should have existed in the game from the start, instead the surrender option was available from 20 minutes and over (noting a the average League game can be shorter than that). In League of Legends, 15 minutes is more than enough time to decided whether you’re going to lose the match as there’s very little you as a player can do to change that if your team is now involved in a shouting match. All you want to do is leave the match and start the queue again, but you can’t. Instead you have to sit through 40-50 minutes of the other team destroying you, while your teams circle around the same several insults.

Why hasn’t it shipped with past updates? League’s gameplay designer Andre ‘Meddler’ Van Roon stated that it was a planned feature, but Riot have instead focused their time on high-priority projects like matchmaking and updating the League of Legends client. During the latest “Dev on State of the Game,” Meddler discussed the latest season and their thoughts on the game. It was here that he brought up the possible inclusion of a surrender tool.

“We’re planning on testing a 15-minute unanimous surrender option this year. That’ll take place in a single region, initially. We previously hoped to have done that by now; the people involved have been occupied with other higher-priority stuff (new client, matchmaking, etc).”

So why is a 15-minute surrender better than a 20-minute surrender? I already touched on it above, but let me give you some stats to work with. Those are the average game times thanks to League of Graphs, and there you can see that as the ranks go up, the games get shorter. Imagine being in a game, reaching the 15-minute mark already knowing you’ve lost this one, but having to play until 20 minutes before you can surrender (noting that the game would have probably finished around that time anyway). Players have been asking for this for quite some time and it looks like it will make it’s way into the game later this year.

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Last Updated: January 25, 2017

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