Rock Band Portable Drum Kit

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The slew of odd peripherals for rock band is only just starting, and first up we have –

“The Rock Band Portable Drum Kit for Xbox 360 is a complete skins kit designed to travel with you and be played on almost any solid surface. Apparently the rubber pads can handle over a million strikes, but be careful what you lay these on. You don’t want to be banging away on expensive furniture. This is the perfect way to play if you don’t have room for the full kit.” It only costs $59.99 (R500) and ships soon.

Ok so I still see a ton of stuff there and honestly anyone that plays often is most likely going to land up building something or rearranging furniture every time they take these out. Plus is it just me or are those skins really ugly*. So considering in retrospect that this kit seems just about as portable as the official kit, what’s the point?

*[Ed] I like the look of the skins… but that controller they plug into is truly a blast from the past

Last Updated: September 24, 2008

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