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Rock Band To See Price Retraction Tomorrow?

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Squeezing every last drop

The game hasn’t even been released in the PAL areas yet and it is driving the Internet and, I am sure, EA Games nuts already.

Now the latest rumour is that the price of Rockband is about to plummet tomorrow in Europe, that would be the area it hasn’t even been released in yet.

So does 169 € sit better than 240 €? If we got a close to realistic exchange rate then it means we would be looking at under R2k for the box again, which is a lot of money but you have to remember this is a lot of game…

However Milesh pointed out in another thread that it is highly unlikely that we will get this game in June for 1 simple reason. We are to far away from Europe and America and the boxes way so much they are going to have to be shipped and not flown into the country.

Anyone who has ever moved overseas will be able to tell you that this means a prolonged wait.

When I moved back from the UK my boxes took over 3 months to get here and through customs and all that garbage… So add 3 months onto a EU June release date and we can be looking towards September for our Rock Band to arrive….

Hell that is ignoring the fact that EA can’t make enough instruments and we are not the biggest gaming market on the planet.

Rumor: Rock Band Europe To See Price Retraction Tomorrow?

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Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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