Rock Band Unplugged Coming to a PSP Near You

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EA are set to publish a portable version of Rock Band for the PSP, and the details are intriguing. Developed by Backbone Entertainment – The fellows who’ve done old Capcom favourites justice by recreating and enhancing Super Street Street fighter II Turbo and 1942.

Free of external periphery, the game will use the standard d-pad and face buttons for input, with players – as you’d expect – having to match button presses to on-screen symbols. Where it gets interesting though is that each song will be broken up in to phrases -  Playing  a phrase perfectly will garner a multiplier boost as well a prompt to switch to a different instrument – Either guitar, bass, drums or vocals. The player can of course opt to change instruments at will, but this will forfeit whatever multiplier has been accrued.

Why intriguing, you ask? Details after the jump.

Hold on a moment! That sounds awfully like Amplitude…the sequel to FreQuency, and one of Harmonix’s much beloved, and critically heralded pre-Guitar Hero music games.
Whereas I had little to no interest in a portable Rock Band before, this revelation has me quite interested – While I’d love a proper sequel to amplitude on the PS3 (Sony still controls the IP), a spiritual successor to Amplitude would be most welcome.

The game is set to include tracks from Blink 182, Boston, AFI, Kansas, Lit, and The Police, with more songs available as paid DLC on the PSN. A release is expected by the end of the year.

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Last Updated: February 26, 2009

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