Rockband gets released in Oz… are we next?

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Over the weekend the news was released that Australia is finally going to be getting Rockband… and you thought we were the only country left out…

So the biggest question is now obviously are we next? I have sent an email to EA but since it’s Sunday I doubt I will be receiving an answer today but hopefully I will be able to give you news tomorrow.

However it isn’t all joy and happiness in Oz, have you seen the price of the set yet?

1 X Xbox 360 Rockband ($119.95) R811, that’s $20 more than a normal AAA title.

Then if you want the instruments you can pick up all three for ($289.95) R1961, that makes it R2772 for the set… ouch

Hopefully though our prices will be a little more palatable but honestly I think most people will just be happy to get the game.

Last Updated: August 17, 2008

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