Rockband: The Beatles coming to South Africa?

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According to a Tweet by KalahariGames it looks like South Africa’s turn has finally arrived and we may indeed be getting Rockband locally.

Last night Kalahari tweeted the following

“Need to provide forecasts to EA for The Beatles: Rock Band — so who’s going to be buying it?”

As a little insight into the retailing section of the gaming industry a forecast is simply the number of units a retailer expects to sell of a title. These forecasts are sent out early and help the distributors decide on how many titles to order.

However before you go and hassle them, Kalahari can’t just say they will sell a million units just to ensure the game arrives.

Kalahari are meeting with EA this very morning to try and unlock more information and we will obviously be doing the same.

So are you interested in picking up a copy? I wasn’t that phased until I realised it was the Beatles version, now I really want it.

Last Updated: July 22, 2009

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