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We’ve already covered the idea that Rockstar is going to allow us to buy in game cash and how Rockstar clarified that it won’t affect the balance of the game. But now neither of those things matter as Rockstar has pulled the ability to purchase in game cash with real money.

According to a statement posted on Rockstars website the ability to purchase the cash hasn’t been removed for good but rather until the current online problems being experienced are resolved.

“For the time being and until we have been able to get everybody access to GTA Online and things are running smoothly, we have disabled the option of purchasable GTA$ cash packs. Players can however keep on earning GTA$ by pulling off Jobs and other profitable gameplay activities rather than purchasing cash packs. “

They’ve also given us an update on some other issues including the bizarre PS3 problem that only a certain amount of people worldwide were allowed to at the same time.

“For PlayStation 3 users, a PlayStation Network server issue was detected that was limiting the amount of possible concurrent users. This was preventing most players from accessing GTA Online altogether and as of this morning, that problem was resolved.

There is an issue that is preventing some players from getting through the first tutorial mission across both platforms. Many players have been able to get through this with repeated retries, and we are working on unblocking this for everyone as soon as possible.

This morning, we experienced some instability across the GTA Online services which is affecting even people who have progressed beyond the tutorial mission. We are identifying these issues now and are working to restore stability for users as soon as possible.”

The majority of people are still giving Rockstar a pass on this rocky start as they did warn us to expect it, but I don’t expect that patience to last much longer to be honest.

I’m about 2-3 hours away from completing the single player section and Rockstar better be ready by then else all hell will rain down and I may post a pissy article… you have been warned.

Last Updated: October 3, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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