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Role Queues finally make it into Overwatch

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The addition of players being able to select which role they’d like to fill before a match starts should have a huge impact on the game’s competitive scene.


Back in the day, I put a lot of time into Overwatch. I started off playing Ranked and while many of my friends chased that SR, I quickly fell off of it. Largely because taking the game so seriously removed a lot of fun from the experience and playing Competitive was more frustrating than rewarding. You’d always be thrown together with a team of players who didn’t care for healing and thought they’d be the badass of the game and steal a solo team kill as Genji. Yes, I’m sure your Genji is very good and I believe you when you say you shouldn’t be in silver. But maybe a tank instead? Just in case?


Blizzard seems to be combatting this frustration by implementing Role Queues into Overwatch, meaning players can select what sort of position they’d like to fill and be matched together with a team that is in dire need of whatever role they’re bringing into the mix. While this won’t really affect casual players all that much, those of you mad lads who enjoy dipping their toes into competitive will no doubt be wondering how such a system will be balanced alongside each player’s Skill Rating (SR). A player’s SR is a value given to them based on performance (basically determined by you win/loss ratio) that places them into a specific rank. With the introduction of Role Queues, players will essentially be given three ranks: One for Tank, Attack and Support. So it’s entirely possible for you to be ranked as a Silver Tank, yet have a Platinum Rank as a Support.


Together with these separate skill tiers, there will not be four Top 500 leaderboards, one for each position and a fourth that reflects a cumulative SR. In terms of placement matches, players will only need to partake in five placement matches as opposed to ten to earn their SR at the beginning of a season, with players performing over all three roles earning a higher SR after their five games. The addition of these Role Queues should help make competitive Overwatch both far more accessible and balanced for all players hoping to avoid uncooperative teams while also encouraging players to specialise in certain fields. All in all, it’s a smart move from Blizzard and I’m excited to see how this changes Ranked Overwatch in the future. Role Queues are now live on the PTR.

Last Updated: July 19, 2019

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