RTS Tower Defense for Oculus Rift

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The Oculus Rift sounds like a cool invention, but I have avoided it like the plague. If FPS make me nauseous, just imagine how I’d go full Linda Blair with the Oculus Rift! But now there’s a game that sorta makes me want to risk it.

Teddy Lipowitz has built a new game using an Oculus VR headset and his own “Hydradeck” control scheme. It is an RTS that lets you look down at the castle you’re defending against waves of attacking robots. When standing, the castle seems tiny, but as you crouch down the world scales until you are a tiny guard with a castle towering over you. As per normal tower defense, you can issue commands to the guards positioned on walls and towers, upgrade or get new units.

It may not sound like much, but it really looks awesome. I’m thoroughly impressed. Maybe it’s because I love tower defense games, but I also think this is my favorite use of the Oculus that I’ve seen thus far. Check it out in his demo video:

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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