Rumble costs how much!!!

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So the sordid details of the Immersion/Microsoft/Sony lawsuits are coming to the fore…

A site called (?) has a decent article about all the latest details on this fight and how Immersion thinks it has paid already and blah blah blah… Nothing to interesting until it gets to the point about how much we can assume Sony paid Immersion to get their PS3 controllers to rumble…

I have said right from the beginning that Sony should have just settled and included rumble from the beginning but that was before I realised that paying meant forking over $119.9 million.

For a little motor that spins a weight! Man I am in the wrong business I should be thinking of cool ideas and just patenting them and then watching for a big corporation to think of the same idea.

120 million dollars from Sony alone, I wonder how much Microsoft and Nintendo paid? Life is truly unfair at times 🙁

Last Updated: June 21, 2007

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