Rumor: FFXIII exclusivity also in contention?

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Just days after Sony lost the exclusivity of DMC4 the rumours are starting that it may also lose the exclusivity to Final Fantasy 13…

I reported in my DMC4 post that the last 2 remaining big guns for the PS3 would be Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid…..

Georges Fornay, SCEE Vice President, mentioned in an interview for a French Newspaper that “exclusiveness for FFXIII is under discussion”.

So absolutely nothing is confirmed yet and I highly doubt that the PS3 won’t get a FFXII version but these rumours are persistent and they generally turn out to be true… Even if only for FF 14….

Link to Rumor: FFXIII exclusivity also in contention? – PlayStation 3 News – QJ.NET

Last Updated: March 22, 2007

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