Rumor: Next Gears of War Could Feature First Playable Female

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Ever wondered why Epic didn’t bother putting any playable female characters into Gears of War?

Well, I actually know why they didn’t and I will explain it a little later on, so let’s cut to the chase. An article posted on BingeGamer has posted that Cliff Bleszinski has said that words “may or may not” quite a few times when asked about about a female lead in the next Gears of War game (check the source article at the bottom of this post).

This query came from the fact that the Gears of War comic has an image of a female COG sitting on the head of a Brumak on its front cover.

So what’s going on then? Are we going to get chainsaw wielding ladies or not?

Ok, so let me explain what I do know. I know that in the Gears of War novel titled Aspho Fields the author explains that in the Gears of War universe, the human race has been pushed to the edge of near-extinction. Extinction is like, not a good thing, so woman are not allowed to be fighters in the military simply because their baby making abilities are way too precious.

The novel did feature one female COG, but she was somewhat of an oldish bat and only joins Delta squad to help the cause.

This made a decent amount of sense to me, so all was well. The other thought I had was that Gears of War is a terribly violent game and Epic may have been somewhat against the idea of having female character’s heads get smashed into the floor by other characters. (not to mention the kind of words that will come out of the foul-mouthed online players).

I know quite a few girl-gamers that really love Gears of War, so it has crossed my mind in the past that they may want to be able to choose female characters when playing online, I mean, at the end of the day you could really overlook all of the other crap and just say, sure why not?

So is it a possibility for Gears of War 3? Sure.

Something else that has crossed my mind is that Epic may actually look at making a new game in the Gears of War universe, but have the story remain seperate from Delta squad and instead follow the story of a tough mo-fo badass female lead character (they are all the rage these days).

What do you guys think? Will Gears of War 3 have female soldiers, or do you think that Epic may be planning a spin-off game that follows a female lead?

Hit us with some comments and let us know.

Source: BingeGamer

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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