Rumour: BioWare has completely rebooted Shadow Realms

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Shadow Realms rebooted? 

Anyone remember Shadow Realms? It’s supposed to be the next big from BioWare, which was announced as a PC exclusive at Gamescom last year after some exciting cryptic marketing. The episodic, 4 vs. 1 styled dungeon crawler looked like it was going in the free-to-play direction, but now it could be an all new game entirely.

According to a source close to Kotaku, BioWare has completely rebooted Shadow Realms and now have their eyes set on a 2017 release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Two other sources claim that the game was cancelled outright, but a third “reliable” source states that it was quickly followed up with the start on the reboot. According to some documentation, the Shadow Realms servers were shut down for good last October – the same month that BioWare cancelled that game’s planned Alpha indefinitely.

The source adds that the new, rebooted title will be a full game, featuring a full storyline out the box and not several episodes as originally planned. There’s no word yet on how the game has changed, but considering it could be built from scratch it’s safe to assume nothing could stay the same. The gameplay shown at Gamescom was, personally, far from exciting, although the asymmetrical nature of the game seemed promising.

But was that the reason for the reboot? Oddly enough, probably not. It seems that BioWare could have simply needed more funding for the title, which publisher EA only hands out if the title agrees to make use of their online service, Origin. Shadow Realms, although published by an EA owned studio, was originally not going to use the service, but it seems like that has changed in exchange for a greater budget.

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Neither BioWare nor EA have commented on the report, although it seems like a completely logical step for a title that really failed to wow audiences at Gamescom, and subsequently disappeared. Could we see a re-reveal at E3 this year or will BioWare hold out until closer to launch? More importantly, how drastically will Shadow Realms change? We’ll have to wait and see.

Last Updated: January 7, 2015

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