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Rumour – Call of Duty 2020 will focus on real-life events from the Cold and Vietnam Wars

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The cool kids call it Call of Duty: Warzone, but I know what the game’s real name is. It’s Call of Duty: Red Herring, because something fishy is going on here! THE THICK PLOTTENS! While everyone and their gran (Nana_NoScope_Lolz26 I hate you) is busy trying out Warzone’s battle royale flavour, what’s going on in the world of Call of Duty currently?

According to a leak by YouTuber TGR (A reliable source who leaks plenty of COD just for the Halibut) via The Game Post, this year’s incarnation of Activision’s license to print money won’t be straying far away from the new status quo set by last year’s Modern Warfare. Here’s a breakdown of the info that came out of that video:


  • Call of Duty this year will head back to the world of Black Ops, will probably be titled Black Operations
  • Sergeant Frank Wood and Alex Mason will return with new actors handling their roles
  • Call of Duty 2020 will be built on the same engine as Modern Warfare’s amazing tech that was put together by Infinity Ward Poland
  • The single-player campaign will once again focus on real-life events from a period of time that covers four decades
  • The campaign will visit the Cold War and Vietnam War eras
  • Apparently even grittier and more gruesome than Modern Warfare
  • Health regeneration in multiplayer isn’t automatic, although this may change
  • Operators will return in multiplayer
  • Map design will mostly focus on three-lane setups
  • Killstreaks are back
  • Multiplayer DLC will be free

And now for the fun part: Zombies! The uber-popular mode wherein players flex their skills against escalating hordes of the undead will also be back, as it just wouldn’t be a Black Ops game without them. This year’s version might see the return of Tranzit and could also have its own separate season pass. Perks will return and there will be an Aether reboot,

Sounds dope, and a reveal will most likely be made in the next two months if Activision sticks to the script that they’ve used for the unveiling of previous new entries in the Call of Duty series. Honestly, if zombies are back then I cannot wait to play with friends and prove that in an apocalypse I don’t have to outrun the undead. I just need to be quicker than my pals.

Last Updated: March 19, 2020

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