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Rumour – Call Of Duty Ghosts uses a new engine

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Now honestly, if there’s one criticism of Call Of Duty that I don’t get, it’s the visuals. Sure, it’s been using the same engine for a couple of years now, but considering that said engine is enhanced every year and still performs at a smooth frame rate, I’m pretty happy. But for Call Of Duty Ghosts, it looks like the franchise is getting a graphical revamp.

According to this image grabbed by AGB, the next game in the franchise is going to have an overhaul that will hopefully stop me being murdered by being mêléed in the foot. But I digress. A screengrab from the Tesco website that has since been removed, had the accompanying text on it:


The franchise that has defined a generation of gaming is set to raise the bar once again with the all-new Call of Duty: Ghosts. Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, the studio that created the original Call of Duty and the seminal Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.

Call of Duty: Ghosts ushers in the next generation of the franchise, delivering a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast, all powered by a new next-generation Call of Duty engine.

So what does that mean? I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the current Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Engine getting a significant boost once again for current-gen consoles, but seeing it with a completely new coat of paint on the Playstation 4 and the next Xbox devices.

True to its name, COD: Ghosts has been keeping a low profile lately, but it looks like a reveal might be coming soon in the next week or two according to industry noises.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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