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UPDATE: FOX denies FANTASTIC FOUR is heading back to Marvel

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UPDATE: Alas, it seems it was just to good to be true. DenOfGeek, who broke the “news” earlier today that Fantastic Four was moving back to Marvel as part of a deal for the X-Men TV rights, have now updated their original story with a statement from a Fox representative saying that story was “completely untrue”, with Marvel also denying the claim. Phooey.

The original story continues below.

Just earlier today we got the hugely unexpected news that after years of sniping and sabotaging each other’s efforts Marvel and Fox were actually going to be cooperating to develop two new X-Men TV series spinoffs to air on FX. It would appear though that the surprises didn’t just stop there.

DenOfGeek are reporting that the deal that was struck up between the two saw Marvel giving Fox the TV rights to the X-Men brand, which they still owned, and in exchange Fox is giving the Fantastic Four movie rights back to Marvel. Yes, fans, your cries of dismay and anger after the catastrophe that was Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four may actually have been heard.

But the news doesn’t stop there though. Remember when Marvel announced Ant-Man and the Wasp the other day, they also revealed the dates for three new untitled movies to be released in 2020? Well, according to DenOfGeek’s sources, one of those slots is for a newly rebooted Fantastic Four film that takes place in the MCU. Given how the most recent movie was absolutely creamed by critics and floundered embarrassingly at the box office, this shouldn’t come as such a big surprise – Sony negotiated a deal with Marvel for Spider-Man which did way better financially and critically – but based on the rival studios’ enmity for each other over the last few years, this is still quite a shock.


So yes, if this rumour turns out to be true – and right now it’s looking likely – it means that Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are officially going to be part of the MCU along with the Avengers and Spider-Man. And honestly, I really couldn’t care. No, what I’m moistening my trousers over is the fact that along with that foursome, the MCU will now finally also be getting proper versions of Doctor Doom, Galactus and Annihulus. You hear that? Proper versions. None of this silver-green gimp nonsense or that alien death cloud malarkey. Even more importantly, with all those players now on the same board, can anybody say Annihilation? SOMEBODY PLEASE SAY ANNIHILATION! YOU WILL MAKE MY GEEKY DREAMS COME TRUE!

Kevin Feige recently revealed that when it came to their comic book properties outside of their control, they had actually always been working with a backup plan to their the universe, ready to slot these titles in if they should ever get them back. Well, now it sounds like they finally do, and I cannot be happier. Now maybe Marvel can dust off that way better original Fantastic Four screenplay?

More on this as it develops!

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

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  1. Marvel should have taken everything and only left them with the X-Men 😛


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