Rumour – Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be a next-gen title

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I’ve been hating on the Final Fantasy franchise lately, and with good reason. Recent games have worn out the A button on my controller thanks to the auto-gameplay mechanics of the damn beast, while the iOS offering of All the bravest is nothing more than a genital-slap to the face that showcases the very worst of the free to play model of business. So while I’m on a hate-fuelled bender against that once legendary franchise, I can bring up another game from that stable, to vent on. Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That game has been in some kind of developmental hell for years now. But maybe, just maybe that’s all about to change with the imminent reveal of the Playstation 4.

The game has been on the backburner for a while now, with studio heads begging fans to be patient while they get something concrete done. And those numerous delays may be due to the game heading to that very Sony next-gen console. NeoGAF and Examiner say that the long-gestating Final Fantasy Versus XIII will finally be releasing more concrete details to the public, details that include a new next-gen look, 2014 release date and a title that actually makes sense.

The rumour mill doesn’t stop there though, because it looks like Final Fantasy 15 and 16 has also been in development. It makes sense though. FF games usually require a few years of engineering, and filling those gaps in the schedule with sequels starring FF XIII protagonist Lightning is one way to keep the franchise barely alive.

Whatever Square Enix is actually up to, keep your eyes peeled for the February 20 Playstation meeting where more will most likely be revealed. Strewth!

Last Updated: February 5, 2013

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