Rumour : GT5 Features Horribly Slow Load Times [Update]

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GT 5 has been in development for a heck of a long time – and it’s still not finished. A recent demo of the game showing the Nordschleife section of Nurburgring shows that even when you do finally get your hands on the game, you may still be in for a lot of waiting, as it has some pretty awful load times.

Of course, it may just be that the size of the track – one of the largest in the game – is the culprit, and that regular-sized tracks may have more bearable load times. It could also be down to the game – due in November – still not being entirely optimised. As a worst-case scenario, it may just have all-round slow loading times, like fellow PS3-racer Modnation Racers, whose now patched extensive load times have caused much chagrin, and has lead to gamers losing interest in the game.

Despite the long load times though, the game is looking pretty damned fantastic. Now when are we going to see some demos of the game’s go-karting? That’s what I really want to see!

[Update] It  is apparently a work of digital fakery – with the video apparently having been slowed down to roughly half its regular speed.

Video after the jump.

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Last Updated: August 10, 2010

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