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Rumour: Has the villain been revealed for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

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Now straight up front, I have to throw up some warnings for this, because I know there some of you that would call this a major SPOILER (and would subsequently try to physically harm me even more than usual). Me, I just call it a good educated guess.

But if you really don’t want to see any potential SPOILERS about who the big bad in the proposed Justice League movie could be (despite the fact that most of you have probably guessed it anyway), then I suggest you don’t click/scroll further. Go find something else to do with your time, like maybe enter a competition or two.

Latino Review (who have been spot on with these things in the past) are reporting that in a move that should be surprising only to people who are not familiar with DC comics (in which case they wouldn’t recognize the character anyway) or are both blind and deaf, the villain for the superhero team up movie will be none other than….












…Darkseid! That’s right the villain that everybody thought is the only logical choice to have for a Justice League movie, will in fact probably be the villain in the Justice League movie! Woulda thunk it?

My flippancy in regards to the spoiler status of this reveal though is no reflection on Darkseid’s potential as villain though. He is essentially the biggest of bads in the DC universe. Not a supervillain but a true dark god who once nearly rewrote existence with his will.

Created in 1970 by the legendary Jack Kirby, Darkseid (for the uninitiated, that’s pronounce “Dark-side”) is the god-king of Apokolips, a dark and twisted world populated by his depraved court, who are the arch-enemies of the New Gods of their sister planet New Genesis. Physically, he is more powerful than just about everybody except a select few (his son Orion and Superman) but he also possesses a laundry list of other abilities, the most devastating of which is his Omega Beam – “a form of energy that he fires from his eyes as either a concussive force or disintegrating energy, capable of transmuting or erasing living objects and organisms from existence as well as resurrecting them, depending on the dark lord’s will. Darkseid has pinpoint control and his unerring aim allows the beam to travel in straight lines, bend, or curve around corners and can pass through matter and energy.”

He also has telekinesis, telepathy, can fire force blasts from his hands, can move faster than Superman, can teleport himself across time and space, can live for thousands of years and has the meanest jawline in comic history.

So yeah, definitely a challenge. For both the Justice League themselves to take on, and also for whomever ends up directing the film to do (pardon the pun) justice to. Especially since The Avengers 2 will be releasing just a month before, and that features none other than the villainous mad titan Thanos, the bad guy that Jim Starlin created for Marvel as answer to Darkseid.

And while I compeletely expected this, personally I would have preferred a different villain for the first go-round. Perhaps Starro the Conqueror (the villain that actually brought the JL together for the first time in the comics) and then building to Darkseid, as there’s very little room to grow after that. The only way they would be able to top themselves after this is to go with a universe wide battle against the Anti-Monitor… But that’s a geek out for another day.

Last Updated: December 4, 2012

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