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Rumour – Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC

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If you ever needed a textbook definition of a console exclusive, then Sony’s first-party library would definitely fit that bill. Whereas Microsoft’s console exclusive games used that term in a looser way and technically did adhere to the definition of that branding by only releasing on the Xbox One and PC, Sony has stuck to their guns over the last couple of years with a firm single system home for their biggest games.

Death Stranding, while being funded and published by Sony but still in the hands of Hideo Kojima and his independent studio Kojima Productions, was a tweaked example of a Sony exclusive headed towards the PC side of gaming. In a big turnaround though, it seems like Sony may finally be ready to look beyond their own big box with the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC.

That’s the news according to Kotaku’s sources, who say the now three years old sandbox developed by Guerrilla Games will arrive on both the Steam and Epic Games Store when a proper release date has been finalised. It’ll probably look chuffing good as well, considering how this gorgeous slice of post-apocalypse robo action was limited in just how much it could show off on the aging PlayStation 4 hardware.

With Death Stranding on the way, there’s hope that since both games make use of Guerrilla’s Decima engine that there’ll be a quid pro quo of a seamless transition to PC. It’s a massive move by Sony, as the company has always flexed its software muscle to ensure hardware dominance in the console gaming space ever since the PlayStation brand revolutionised the scene in 1994.

A solid strategy, but one that has felt out of touch in recent years as Microsoft pulled ahead in the console wars race and focused more on creating an ecosystem of connected devices that would allow for software to drive the future of gaming. It’s not about who has the biggest number of eyeballs on any particular system, but rather who has the most hands on any number of games at any given time.

Does Horizon: Zero Dawn signal a new paradigm shift for Sony as they look towards the PC market? Gamers on that side of the field desperate to play God of War, Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man say yes.

Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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