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Rumour: Is this our first look at the costume for Marvel's SPIDER-MAN?

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I have to start off by warning you that you’re going to have to up your daily sodium chloride intake for this story, as what you’re about to read is completely unconfirmed. However, it’s also completely intriguing and has me going into full on Sherlock Homeboy mode to see if this is true! So what has me breaking out the virtual magnifying glass and deerhunter cap?

Well, on Friday BirthMoviesDeath.com‘s Devin Faraci posted a very enticing story. It appears that he had received a tip-off from a trusted source about a new Twitter account named @Russo_Bros. Now as you may know, Joe and Anthony Russo are the co-directing brothers behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and are currently busy shooting its follow-up, Captain America: Civil War (they will also be helming Marvel’s massive team-up two-parter Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 and 2019). Now although not officially announced, it has been widely reported that Marvel’s new Spider-Man – played by Tom Holland – is expected to debut in Civil War, and as we’ve heard from Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, he will be sporting an “awesome” new costume that will “blow people away”.

So how does this all tie into that Twitter account? Well, the Russo brothers actually have a different official account, though it’s one they’ve never used other than to announce that this is their Twitter account. Then this new account shows up, with no such announcement, not even a bio or relevant profile pic, and never replying to/tweeting anybody. What it does do though is just start posting random images, most of which are mysteriously cropped or out of focus. One or two seem to be related to movies at a stretch.

The account though follows several Marvel Cinematic Universe actors as well as the cast of Community, which as you may know, is the sitcom where the Russo brothers really made their name. Even more interesting is that this low-key, totally under the radar account that just about nobody had even heard of before this weekend (it only had 31 followers before this story broke), was being followed from very early on by a couple of interesting names: Jason Stamey, who has worked in Marvel’s casting department for nearly every movie they’ve done over the last couple years; Andrew Stamm, who is a directors’ and producers’ assistant on Civil War; and by Ryan Stankevitch, Disney’s Vice-President of global marketing. Curiouser and curiouser.

And then earlier in the month, amidst random images of bullet holes and weird chairs, the account tweeted out this pair of pics:

There’s no doubt that first pic looks EXACTLY like the type of material used for superhero costumes in just about every comic-book movie these days, including the last Spider-Man flicks. The second appears to be that same material, but with what looks like one black lens from a pair of goggles on top of it. The lens also appears to be able to open/close its aperture, changing its shape. Devin Faraci throws out a very intriguing guess as to those lenses purpose: What if they allowed the wearers’ eyes to go smaller and wider, very much like how artists have always drawn Spider-Man doing in the comic books.

Also, speaking of the way artists draw Spider-Man, while today we know the wall crawler’s costume as being that iconic blue and red suit, that’s not how he was originally drawn. Back when Steve Ditko drew Spider-Man for the first time in 1962’s “Amazing Fantasy #15”, his costume was actually red and black – much like some spiders – with the colorist only adding blue highlights.


This highlighting was a common practice back then, but it led to some confusion with later colorists, and in Spider-Man’s case the black sections got lighter and lighter over the years until they actually were blue. There would be several throwbacks by later artists to the original colour scheme though, the most prominent being the costume worn by Miles Morales, the very popular Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man that many hoped would be appearing in Marvel’s movies instead of Peter Parker (which isn’t the case, in case you were wondering).

Also to be noted is the fact that we actually already came pretty close to seeing a red and black Spider-Man costume on-screen before, as legendary artist Alex Ross actually designed a costume with that colour scheme for the very first Toby Maguire Spider-Man movie, but it was never used.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ross’ costume, so was quite happy when Marvel used it as inspiration for their Superior Spider-Man (who was actually Dr. Octopus’ mind in Peter Parker’s body – don’t ask!). And I would be even happier if we got something similar for the new Spider-Man movie. The goggles may seem like an odd choice at first, but Spider-Man Noir, another alternate universe Spider-Man boasted goggles and they actually looked pretty cool, and could work on-screen as a much better real-world application of the character’s iconic look.

If you recall, in the 1940’s-set Captain America: The First Avenger, Cap sported both his silly first comic book costume, as well as a very practical, much more real-world, rugged approximation of his modern comic book costume that worked perfectly on-screen. It was only later that his costume would evolve closer and closer to the current comic-book version. They did something very similar with Daredevil‘s duds. So could Marvel Studios be pulling the same trick again? Could Tom Holland’s teenage Peter Parker be sporting some home-made version black and red version of his costume complete with goggles, maybe to be replaced in the future by an official blue and red Avengers sponsored costume? I would actually love that idea.

UPDATE: Oh and in case this whole Twitter account wasn’t intriguing enough, another mysterious wrinkle has developed since I initially wrote the article above. While Marvel and the Russo brothers themselves have kept mum on this whole thing since the story broke, over the weekend Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn came out on Twitter to say that this is not the Russo’s account (via ComingSoon). Except that tweet is now nowhere to be found. Why would he delete something like that? Was his denial not part of the plan?

Something weird is definitely going on here, and my Spider-Sense is a-tingling! Well, either that or I really just need a shower.

Last Updated: July 27, 2015

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