Rumour: Jaden Smith wanted for STATIC SHOCK

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Just the other day Warner Bros. announced a whole roster of new short-form digital series to be produced by their newly formed specialised unit, Blue Ribbon Content. One of those shows is Static Shock, based on the teenage electromagnetic DC Comics character Static. Now Flicking Myth is reporting that the less than magnetic Jaden Smith is apparently being eyed by the company to take the lead in the series as Virgil Hawkins aka Static.

While he certainly has the look, is a good age and has shown he can handle action in his performances, I’m still feeling a bit mixed. He was decent in the recent(ish) Karate Kid remake but in the aftermath of the surprisingly not that bad (according to Kervyn and what does HE know) After Earth his acting career has not taken off. To be fair though, in the latter film, no one, including his father Will, came out looking particularly good – for which M. Night Shimmying deserves some credit.

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But that does raise an interesting thought though, which is the current and rumoured relationship between his family and Warner Bros. His mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, is chewing the scenery as Fish Mooney in the currently airing Gotham (which I personally quite enjoy) and his father, Will Smith, is reportedly being sought to appear in another DC Comics adaptation – Suicide Squad. Keeping it all in the family?

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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