Rumour: Kratos to kick some PS3 Soul Calibur Butt

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The August issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is saying that Kratos, from none other than God of War, will be revealed as an exclusive character for Soul Calibur on the Playstation 3.

Well, according their rumor mill anyway. With God of War III’s announcement waiting in the wings, I can totally see something like this happening as it will not only boost the sales of SC4, but manifest loads of hype for the first next-gen appearance of the God of War franchise.

Beat the game with Kratos to unlock the first GoW3 trailer? Could happen.

We should be seeing a ton of announcements in the next couple of months and I really wouldn’t be surprised if turns out to be true. Kicking ass with Kratos in a Soul Calibur game? You can sign me up for that anyday!

source: PSU

Kratos image taken from a comic by Enerjak.

Last Updated: June 25, 2008

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