Rumour : Logitech to Release UMD Drive for PSPGo!

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According to CVG, their internet ninja spies have uncovered information that Logitech is crafting an external peripheral that’ll allow existing PSP users use their extensive UMD collections on Sony’s new drive-less PSPGo!

The only problem, according to the source, is that the peripheral would make the sleek and sexy Go! a little bulky, nullifying its point, and making the regular PSP a smarter buy. While all 27 PSP Go! owners worldwide have been clamouring for a solution allowing them the use of their UMDs, I think the chance of this seeing release is slim. An external UMD drive would blow the doors off an already alarming PSP piracy problem – something Sony’s probably not exactly keen to let happen.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: December 3, 2009

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