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Rumour: New Xbox codenamed Loop, will be smaller and cheaper

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What exactly does the future hold in store for us gamers? Will games finally surpass the uncanny valley hurdle, will we use innovative new peripherals to play our games? Only the teams actually designing and building these devices know for sure, and with Nintendo hard at work with their next console, the Wii U, you can bet that industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony are also busy designing a next-gen competitor.

Microsoft is apparently hard at work in their cutting edge research departments, working on a future gaming platform, and so far, the rumours point towards some interesting facts regarding the device.

According to insider blog MS Nerd, which has been startlingly accurate so far with their claims, the new Xbox is currently being developed under the codename of “Loop”, and will feature one main processor that is linked to assistive cores, with each core being responsible for separate jobs such as AI, physics, sound, networking, sensors, encryption and graphics.

Microsoft also wants the new console to be both smaller and cheaper than their current model Xbox 360, as well as be able to run on a custom version of Windows 9, with the other console features being designed by ARM in a “joint venture”.

It all sounds promising so far, and if Microsoft can deliver a home console that undercuts the rest of the competition without sacrificing quality in the long run, then we might just have a clear winner in the next console war.

Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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