Next month’s Games with Gold are great!

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Xbox Live’s Games with Gold has been a little on the underwhelming side recently, but according to rumours floating about on the internet, that could change. Next month, the games that Gold subscribers will be getting are pretty good ones, say the rumours. They also suggest that Microsoft’s doubling up on the number of gratis games in April.


According to an image apparently culled from Microsoft’s staff training Expert Zone, the free games with Gold in March will be:

For the Xbox 360

  • Tomb Raider (1 March to 15 March) and
  • Bioshock Infinite (15 March to 31 March)

Those are both pretty good games, and a nice addition to libraries for those who’ve not played them. The real gem though, is headed to the Xbox One. Lucky Xbox One owners will be getting one of the best platforming games ever made: Rayman Legends.

In addition to that, the odd party game #IDARB, free in February, will carry over for another month.

The same rumour also suggests that we’ll see four Xbox 360 games, and two brand new Xbox One games given away to subscribers. I’ve long suggested that Microsoft needed to up its game with its Games with Gold, and it looks like they indeed have.

“To celebrate, we’re giving customers more of what they love by doubling free games in Games with Gold for April! You read that correctly…in April, Games with Gold will offer TWICE the free games!”

Rayman Legends!

Last Updated: February 25, 2015

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